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Film Photography

Over the years Andrew Howard Photography have amassed a large collection of cameras and equipment. Andrew says that he “doesn’t class himself as a camera collector as they are not locked away in a display cabinet and never used”. Although Andrew has fully embraced the age of digital photography he still also likes to use film and many images on his website were actually photographed on film.  Andrew still develops his own film, be it black and white, colour, 35mm or 120mm film.  Andrew says “that feeling of taking his film out of the developing tank and seeing his negatives for the first time easily beats the instant fix of digital”. Some of Andrews recent flower photographs and photographs of Southport were actually taken on film. Andrew has also recently been experimenting with adding digital textures to analog photos, a practice which he describes as “a fusion between old and new”.  


New print options available

Please note; on our website we only quote for unframed prints or textile prints on stretcher frames.  These have traditionally proved to be the most popular formats for clients purchasing photographic work. There are many new ways to display photographic media appearing on the market at the moment such as photographs printed onto aluminium, wood or under acrylic glass. We are happy to provide any of these services as well as framing.  Just fill in the contact form on our site with your requirements and the details of the print that you are interested in and we will be happy to give you a quote.  As a rough guide based on the price of a 60x40cms textile print on a stretcher frame:  For a print under acrylic glass add £22.00, framed print add £38.00, Print on aluminium subtract £5.00, print on wood subtract £28.00. Other sizes may vary, thanks for looking.


Argentina photographs

The images from our trip to Argentina can now be viewed on our website. The images are in sections from Buenos Aires, Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego and Iguazu. There is also a black and white section named Argentina. We hope you enjoy looking at them and reading about them.


Across the Bay walk

We have recently taken part in a charity walk across the bay from Arnside to Kents Bank in Cumbria. Almost 300 of us completed the 7 mile walk and to date almost £10,000 has been raised for the charity Reubens Retreat. 


Abstract Flower Images

Andrew Howard has recently been working on producing a selection of abstract flower images. He has created them in post-production and they act as a departure from the reality of the fine art photographic flower images that he would normally produce. According to Andrew “the aim of this work is to express a certain quality or characteristic apart from any specific object and allow his viewer to consider something theoretically or separately from what the original image would be”. For Andrew abstract photography is not about knowing and recognising the subject. It is more about emotionally connecting with it”.      


Photography BA Honours Award

ON Friday the 15th July 2016 Andrew Howard was awarded his Photography BA Honours Degree at the University of Bolton.