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During these difficult times I have managed to keep busy by using some of my old film cameras and developing the films. Many of my latest photographs are floral images and most have been taken in my own back garden with flowers and plants that I have grown from seeds or planted and nurtured myself. I have already added images to my black and white flower gallery and there are many coloured images still to follow. Keep a look out for them over the coming weeks.


Salford Quays, new images

New photographs have been added to the Salford Quays album.  Also rather than have a separate album for black and white Salford Quays images, we now have included them all in one Salford Quays album.  


New images added to Crosby Beach, Another Place.

Since arriving in 2005, Another Place has attracted a huge amount of interest in the area with large numbers of people - including families and school parties - visiting the beach to see the statues. In autumn 2019 work started to renovate the iron men statues as many were sinking or leaning and covered in barnacles. Our mission was to photograph them before the renovation in order to show the deterioration that the passage of time has had on these iconic figures. We decided to use film as we felt that the medium of film would better show the effect that time and the elements had taken. The images were photographed with a 1980s Canon T70 35mm SLR camera, a couple of lenses and a polarising filter.



We have recently returned from a wonderful long weekend in Venice.  Naturally we managed to capture a lot of images.  They are going to take a while to process them all, but there should be enough photographs that we can have a whole new section under ‘Landscapes and Architecture’ dedicated to Venice.  It may well take a few weeks so keep checking in, oh and thanks in advance for your patience.


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On April 2nd 2019 Google will be shutting down Google+ for consumers. Google say "This is due to low usage and the challenges involved in maintaning a successful product that meets consumers expectations". Thankfully at Andrew Howard Photography this is not a service that we made much use of and found it of limited value. The best platform to connect with Andrew Howard Photography is on Twitter as we are far more active on there and have built up quite a following over the past few years. To connect simply click on the Twitter icon on this website and then click to follow.