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High Water Marker and Pier, Southport Beach

High Water Marker and Pier, Southport Beach

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High Water Marker and Pier, Southport Beach

There are many disagreements over exactly what this object on Southport beach actually is. Letters moulded into the cast iron say "LIVERPOOL FLEETWOOD TIDAL STANDARD", Roman numerals suggest it to relate to a ship's draft marks (Imperial not metric, which apparently would normally be in Arabic numerals). 'Tidal Standard' suggests it is relevant to the tidal tables which would have been published for major ports, in this case Liverpool. Over the years the shoreline at Southport has moved seaward, so when this was put up the lowest tide height could have been considerably below the current level. The cast iron structure is also said to be a ventilation shaft of the old sewer discharge pipe. The pipe would have been disconnected when the Southport Waste Water Elevation Scheme came on line in 1996. Two similar structures north of the pier were removed in the late 1990s. More romantic versions of its origin suggest it was an inlet and outlet pipe for the Southport’s old Sea Bathing Lake which was sadly demolished in the 1980s to make way for the Ocean Plaza development. This image was photographed with an Olympus OM2 35mm SLR film camera from the early 1980s. Kodak Colorplus ISO 200 film was used which I developed myself.

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